Diagnostic for iPad

Do you have the impression that your iPad does not work properly or does not respond as before? Do you want to resell or redeem your old iPad and need to know its operating status?

The ProFixIt Diagnostic Test is a smart way to control the proper operation of your iPad. It helps you maintain it when it is needed, so it is always in the best possible condition. Another reason why Diagnostic Testing should be done is to prevent and avoid problems that your iPad may present.

If the Diagnosis result detects a problem and repairs your iPad to us, the amount of Diagnostic Test is NOT charged in the total amount of the repair.

 Diagnostic Time: 30 minutes

 Charge: 10 €

VAT 24% included


In case you can not visit our store the solution is very simple, you send it to us via Geniki Taxydromiki. To find your nearest branch office simply call 210 485 1100 or visit the link below by clicking HERE.

For your convenience, just click on the Geniki Taxydromiki Vehicle icon located at the top of the page, which will guide you step by step to the shipping of your device.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of question about our services.

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