Volume Button iPhone 4

Did you notice strange behavior on your iPhone 4 volume button? Is there a volume problem when buttons are pressed up or down? This is the first indication that the iPhone 4 may have volume button problem. 

You need to replace your speakerphone when:

  • the volume don't work
  • the button don't click
  • button work intermittently
  • button is stuck

Visit our store today or send us your device via Genini Taxydromiki for Diagnostic, whatever the problem is we have the solution!

The repair or replacement that your iPhone may need is our case, trust our professional partners and enjoy the unique service of ProFixIt.

The repair or replacement of the iPhone's volume button includes the work, the replacement and the guarantee provided by ProFixIt. Please read the Terms of guarantee by clicking HERE.

Repair steps:

  • We receive the device either from you or from courier
  • Pass the device to Diagnostic
  • Problem Localization *
  • Repair or Replacement
  • Return the device to your hands

* There is a chance that the problem will not caused by the volume button. In this case, we inform you of the type of damage your iPhone is carrying. Whatever problem we may encounter, we are able to do this with our ultramodern equipment and our specialized and certified knowledge on Apple products.

By repairing your iPhone to us, the amount of the Diagnostic Test is NOT charged in the total amount of the repair.


 Repair Time for Volume Button: 30 minutes

 Spare Parts Guarantee: 2 years

 Repair Guarantee: Lifetime

 Charge: 35 €

VAT 24% included


In case you can not visit our store the solution is very simple, you send it to Geniki Taxydromiki. To find your nearest branch office simply call 210 485 1100 or visit the link below by tapping HERE.

For your convenience, just click on the General Vehicle icon located at the top of the page, which will guide you step by step to your device.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of question or question about our services.

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