MacBook Services

Receiving and resending your MacBook (nationwide charge) 14,00 €
Check MacBook More Info! 14,00 €
MacBook Screen Replacement (only work) More Info! 37,00 €
MacBook charger control free of charge
Repair of VGA graphics card (MacBook motherboard repair) 87,00 €
Replacement Power Jack (MacBook feeder plug)  More Info! 33,00 €
Repair Power Supply Circuit on the Motherboard 94,00 €
Cleaning after dropping liquid (if no further repair is required) 80,00 €
Keyboard Replacement (Work Only) 7,00 €
Inverter replacement 27,00 €
Cooling system maintenance More Info! 24,00 €
MacBook Overheat Recovery More Info! 33,00 €
Add Second Hard Disc 11,00 €
*Prices are valid in 90% of cases. If more than one job is needed, total values are made. Small deviations can only occur if the MacBook is a very specialized model, which we can tell you before you decide to trust us. Do not hesitate to contact us!
  In ProFixIt, upgrading your iMac or MacBook is a personal matter for us. The company does not sell spare parts, so it does not profit from the parts it uses. By using accessories from our suppliers, we also provide the equivalent guarantees for our spare parts and our work. In case you want to upgrade your computer to ProFixIt, using your own spare parts, we can not provide any warranty.


Upgrade MacBook

MacBook processor upgrade 11,00 - 27,00€
MacBook Upgrade RAM More Info! 7,00 €
MacBook hard disk upgrade More Info! 11,00 €
MacBook VGA upgrade (graphics card) More Info! 38,00 €
MacBook upgrade DVD driver / Blu-Ray driver 14,00 €
Second Hard Disc Placement 11,00 €
*Prices are for service charges. The cost of each component determines the total value for the upgrade. More than one upgrade will be total. 


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